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Uniites™, Consumer Dispute Resolutions, Try

Uniites™, Consumer Dispute Resolutions, Try

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Our Mission

We realize things happen in life that bring conflict between two individuals or individuals and businesses.

Our job as a neutral third-party is to help Mediate the conflict, and try seeking a resolution without the parties having to go through Litigation.

Litigation can be very expensive, and relying on a Judge to decide the conflict can be an unnecessary gamble for either party.

At Consumer Dispute Resolutions, once we have been contacted by a party dealing with a dispute, we will fully understand the details of the dispute, and then we will reach out to the other party.  

Once we have informed them, via Certified Mail, a party is seeking a resolution from them, we will do our best to bring both parties to a scheduled Mediation session, which is done via Zoom.   

Our role as a neutral third party is to listen to each party explain the details of the conflict, and then help both parties try and resolve the conflict before Litigation is needed.  

If we are unable to Mediate a Successful Resolution, we will advise the parties of the next steps which could include a Filing in Small Claims Court or in Civil Court. 

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