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Uniites™, Need Advice, Coaching, Consulting or a Mediator? Visit

Uniites™, Need Advice, Coaching, Consulting or a Mediator? Visit

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EXPERT Neutral Services


Our Expert Neutral has no Legal background, however, currently sits on FINRA Arbitration Panel, CA Lawyers for the Arts Arbitration & Mediation Panel, OC Bar Association Arbitration & Mediation Panel for Attorney/Client Fee Disputes.  

If you are looking for an Arbitrator with a Legal background, we can refer you to Attorneys & Retired Judges with over 20 years experience.

Expert Witness Services related to Financial Matters in Arbitration Hearings, Court Cases or Mediations.


Offered for Businesses, Couples, Families, Individuals & Nonprofit Organizations.


Offered for Business Owners, Couples, Families & Individuals.


Advice, Coaching, Consulting & Negotiating. James offers advice to clients directly or can negotiate directly with client employers or potential employers.


If you have questions or need advice on Investing, Financial & Retirement Planning, Divorce Planning, Estate Planning, High Net Worth / Ultra High New Worth Solutions, Settlement Planning / Investing / Taxes, Savings, Reducing Debt or Insurance coverage, we can help you.  

If we are unable to help you, we can find other Wealth Experts who can help you, no matter where in the U.S. you live.


Attorney / Client Fee Disputes

Auto Accidents / Auto Repairs

Banking / Credit Card Debt Negotiations

Business / Business

Business / Customer

Business / Employee 

Copyright / Patents / Trademarks 

Defamation Claims

Divorce / Separation / Family Matters

Employment Salary / Benefit Negotiations

Entertainment & Professional Sports Negotiations

Family Disputes

Fraud Claims

Individual / Individual

Influencers / Brand Ambassador / Management

Inheritance Planning / Investing / Taxes

Insurance / Claims Disputes

Landlord / Tenant

Mergers /Acquisition Transactions

NDA Violation Disputes

Patient / Medical Malpractice Disputes

Personal Injury Settlement Disputes

Prenuptial / Postnuptial Agreements 

Real Estate - Landlord / Tenant / Evictions, Roommate & Neighbor Conflicts, Maintenance Issues, HOA Disputes, Safety Concerns, Security Deposits, Fence Disputes, and Realtor Transactions / Client Fee Disputes

Recently Widowed Coaching

Recovery of Money Owed Disputes

Small Claims Court Cases Under $10,000 recovery amount

Wills / Trusts / Probate / Estate Administration Disputes


If you are having a Dispute or Conflict with a Business or another Individual, and are thinking of filing a Small Claims Case, try

For a fee less than filing fees for Small Claims Court, they can help Mediate with the Third Party involved, and if the Third Party is unwilling to try and resolve the issue, Consumer Dispute Resolutions (company running will guide you through the process of filing for a Small Claims Case.

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