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Uniites™ Books,The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids Paperback – August 27, 2019, $8.91

Uniites™ Books,The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids Paperback – August 27, 2019, $8.91

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 Why do fish live in saltwater? Because pepper makes them sneeze! Make your holiday gift a smash hit with 800 silly jokes for kids!

Reading jokes can tickle your funny bones and help you improve your reading skills. The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids is chock-full of knock-knock jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, and puns you can share with your friends and family for hours and hours of laughing!

Funny facts and illustrations—Find some very silly illustrations that match the jokes, and fun trivia about the joke topics—did you know that elephants can't jump?

Beginner joke-writing tips—This joke book for kids explains how setups and punchlines works and includes tips and exercises to help you write your own jokes.

Take jokes anywhere—Bring this book on road trips, plane trips, and more so you can have fun everywhere you go.

Give the gift of laughter—This book makes an educational and hilarious gift for friends, siblings, cousins, or anyone who loves to laugh!

Keep laughing, learning, and reading with this joke-filled children's book for ages 6-12.

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