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Uniites™ created Small Business Shipping Rate Reduction Act of America SRRAA. Please Click Below to Sign Petition

Uniites™ created Small Business Shipping Rate Reduction Act of America SRRAA. Please Click Below to Sign Petition

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Small Business Shipping Rate Reduction Act of America - SRRAA

Small Business Owners are being forced out of business due to High Shipping Rates.  

Large Corporations enjoy greatly reduced Shipping Rates, including partnerships with the United States Postal Service USPS.  Because of these Enormous Costs, Hundreds of Thousands of Small Business Owners can't compete, and have shut down.  E-commerce is the Future, and Shipping Costs are Essential to a Small Businesses Survival.

Uniites™, a company specializing in uniting People & Businesses Across America, is the main sponsor for SRRAA, and is asking the Department of Justice DOJ, Federal Trade Commission FTC & Small Business Administration SBA, to help reduce Shipping Rates through the USPS.  

This reduction in Shipping Rates would be accomplished by the DOJ, FTC & SBA partnering with the USPS, and establishing special Shipping Rates for Small Business Owners Across America. 

The DOJ has recently filed a lawsuit against Amazon because they think Amazon is too large, and they are hurting Small Business Owners Across America. Well, if things don't change Soon, Amazon will be even larger than they are now. 

At the same time, Facebook/Meta, Snapchat & Shopify, recently announced a partnership with Amazon to offer product Fulfillment and Shipping for Small Business Owners on their platforms, thus, Americans & American Small Business Owners depend heavily on Amazon to provide Shipping around the U.S., which directly contradicts the DOJ's lawsuit against Amazon.

If the SBA, would partner with the USPS directly, Small Business Owners would not need to rely on companies like Amazon for reduced Shipping Costs. 

The USPS is not directly owned by the U.S. Govt., however, they are funded by the U.S. Govt., which is funded by U.S. taxpayers. 

It's time the Small Business Owners who pay their taxes, get a direct benefit from reduced Shipping Rates through the USPS, and can stop relying on large corporations, like Amazon, to ship their goods to customers.

For most Small Business Owners, they rely heavily on e-commerce to stay open, however, the cost of Shipping forces them to raise their prices, and makes them unable to compete. 

Small Business Owners can’t sell products for $15, pay $5-$7 in Shipping Costs, when companies like Amazon pay $.50-$1.00 or less to ship that same product.

It’s time the DOJ, FTC & SBA work with the USPS, help Small Businesses Thrive, Not Hope They Survive, because Small Businesses are the Economic Engines of America.

As of July 2023, USPS launched new pricing, which still causes Small Businesses to be uncompetitive.  Read their recent price change, and news release:

In July 2023, the Postal Service successfully launched USPS Ground Advantage, a new shipping offering which provides a simple, reliable, and more affordable way to ship packages. - FACTS, the rate is $5.91+ with Tracking Number, for a Small Envelope with an item or items less than 14oz inside it. 


If the USPS Offered US Taxpayers & Small Businesses FREE Shipping, the US Govt., ie U.S. Taxpayers, would pay around $86 Billion annually to cover "ALL" USPS costs. 

So, remember that the next time you hear the U.S. sent another country or countries $85+ Billion dollars in aid!! The Entire U.S. Economy, Annually, is around $20 Trillion dollars, which SMALL Businesses play a HUGE role in that amount, or once did! 

Now, most Small Businesses are closing their doors or relying on Amazon to fulfill and ship their products! They simply have NO OTHER CHOICE!!

This is Not a Left Wing or Right Wing issue, this is an American issue!

Uniites™, is asking for your support in signing this petition. The best way to demand change is with millions of Americans & American Small Businesses to support the SRRAA. 

Thank You in advance for Your Support!

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