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Uniites™™ Free Gift, (1) Mini Sponge Cake™ Free Gift, (1) Mini Sponge Cake

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Uniites is offering you a Free Gift, (1) Mini Sponge Cake.  No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors.  One Free Gift offered by Uniites per order.

Q. Why do all of our prices end in $.91?  

A. The $.91 for each item we sell is donated to the Believe In Your Dreams Foundation,

Pick 1 item to try for FREE per order.

On behalf of Uniites and Believe In Your Dreams Foundation or BIYDF, we are offering you one FREE Gift per order you place with us.  Shipping Fees are applied at checkout whether you are buying other items with us, or you only want one FREE Gift.

When we sell an item in our store, we donate $.91 from each item to BIYDF.  Thank you for supporting the Believe In Your Dreams Foundation, and helping them raise money to help change the lives of people and families dealing with life-altering circumstances, beyond their control. 

If you know anyone or any family that is dealing with a life-altering circumstance beyond their control, please email the details of their situation to

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